Get Established in Your Field

Are you guilty of trying to save the World?

Apart from not having the time or the resources, your message is seriously diluted by your random, scattered focus.

A general, catch-all message that attempts to address everyone will reach no-one -and youe efforts are scuppered from the outset.

So how do you avoid over-generalisation and start speaking to the people you really should be aiming at? It all starts form knowing what you really stand for. You might list dozens of concepts that represent your values and hundreds of things you would like to help people with, but you will only start to make a difference when you narrow that scope to define the most important message that speaks to you and your tribe.

This process is the foundation of your marketing strategy. Get it wrong and you will have a hard job trying to convince anyone to listen to what you are saying – even if your words are sincere and you could actually bring value and change lives in that area. Having the ability is not the same as identifying your core guiding principle. Does that sound too much like hard work? Well, let me tell you, if you avoid putting in the effort here, you are surely going to work like a dog to promote anything you do in future. It is absolutely paramount that you. First isolate what makes you tick, then you’ll be coasting downhill as you attract the attention of the people who need to know about that message and you will be on your way to becoming an expert in your field.

From there, your marketing strategy develops from a clear, focused approach to publishing your thoughts and expertise on the right channels and systematically promoting them so that people recognise a strong message and unique leadership. It has been said that you only need to read 10 books on a subject to become an expert. That’s the easy part! The difficult bit is identifying the expertise you own and want to develop. So where do you find that information?

That’s where we at ewire come in! We are happy to help you recognise your calling and start developing the perfect marketing strategy based on your personal portfolio of talents and passions.

We don’t offer a random ‘throw everything at the internet’ solution. Everything we do on your behalf comes from a precise, tailored marketing plan, designed to optimise your voice and match it to your audience, both online and offline.



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